The Pierre Building

Illinois Sash installed 664 windows in "The Pierre", a historic condominium building located in the exclusive Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. This project included Traco TR-9000 Double-Hung windows with ultra-lifts, Traco TR-6800 Slider Windows with transoms, Traco TR-3500 Custom Curved, Radius windows with Roto hardware, and Optimum's TDH 7650 Double-Hung Steel Fire windows.

Techny Towers

Illinois Sash installed over 500 Champion 6500 Single-Hung and Radius windows in this historic building. D.V. Fyre-Tec #925 Single-Hung Fire-Rated windows with wire glass were also installed as required by code in this historic building. A Duracron Bronze finish was used on the exterior & interior. The insulated glass makeup included 3/16" Clear tempered and 3/16" Cardinal 272 Low-E tempered glass. This project included over 250 Radius windows of various sizes.

Holy Name Cathedral | 730 N Wabash Ave Chicago, Illinois

Moody Bible Institute | Chicago, IL

Measured and installed over 150 Traco custom round top, historic detail window units into this architecturally significant building.

Immaculate Conception Passionists | 5700 N. Harlem Chicago, Illinois

1737 S Michigan Ave. | Chicago, Illinois

The Drake Hotel | 140 E Walton Chicago, IL

Illinois Sash installed windows in 535 guest rooms of the Chicago landmark Drake Hotel located in Chicago's affluent Gold Coast neighborhood overlooking Lake Michigan and Oak Street Beach. Traco's Double-Hung windows had a dual finish - Bronze exterior finish and White interior finish. Accessories included interior trim with continuous clip and panning and trim on the exterior. All work was performed without disruption to operations.

Vertical Tab #8

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